What Are Your Goals, Intentions, or Expectations for 2017?

Every year, as January gets closer, I hear people speaking of the changes they are going to make for the New Year. I hear people setting their goals, intentions, or expectations so low that it doesn’t even feel like an accomplishment once achieved. Or, people setting their goals, intentions, or expectations so high that they are completely unattainable, then they feel discouraged and attack themselves negatively and many completely give up.

I understand that the New Year is the start of something fresh and new, but I’ve never really understood why people choose to wait until the New Year to start something that is beneficial in their current lives.

Don’t take this the wrong way. I do have traditions I start the first day of the New Year, however I do these as part of my daily ritual. I have cards, books, self-care planner that are used daily throughout the year, so when January arrives I start them all over again.

At one point in my life I wasn’t happy with the direction of my life and I realized I am the only one that can change that. It’s solely my choice.

A lot was going on for me at that time and I was learning continually. I looked around and thought I want what they have. So I started on my journey to achieve that, and I’m still doing it. The people I was surrounded by were confident, happy, full of joy, loving, had partnerships like I wanted, they had their freedom, and so much more. I did what they did in many ways to get to where I am today, knowing it would be stepping stones.

One of the most wonderful gifts I was given and I am so grateful for was a class that up-leveled my life tremendously. The class reaffirmed what I had observed of friends and mentors, to be aware of not wishing or wanting, but already owning what I wanted. I learned I am the master of my own thoughts, I direct my thoughts. Amongst other things, I learned about principle, law, presence, and living as if I already had it. Rather than saying if this happens… when I have… I wish…  Say I AM…  or I CLAIM… Initially I reflected inward and whatever I was conflicted with, wanted, or desired I set the intention of I AM…  At first it felt awkward writing in my journal as if I already had something I had not obtained, however it became my normal. I did this daily, which became apart of my daily ritual. Think about it, if you are reaffirming negative thoughts you will consistently have those negative thought patterns, but if you change your thought pattern your mindset will shift as well. I’ve taken the following from my journal at that time, I wanted freedom, to be whole, oneness,  joy, love, conscious, clarity, serenity, tranquility. The following I am statement was one of the first that I wrote and thought I’d share.

I am love, and living a life of balance and harmony, freely with the Universe, for I am home.

I want you to take inventory of what you desire.  Doing this will help you

become aware of change. This may not be easy. I encourage you to break through your fear and find one word. You got this! Continually reevaluate where you are and what you want to invest in yourself.

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Happy New Year!!!

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