The Ocean is Calling & I Must Go!

Recently I’ve had a lot of clients feel the need to get away. I mean we are in Seattle after all. I’ve noticed while living in Seattle the past fifteen years that a lot of people feel the need to get away between January and May. It makes sense. We don’t get sun, or I guess I should say we don’t have a lot of sunshine. I can say when the sun is out we value and appreciate it!

This year especially, I can totally relate to the wanting to get away and the feeling of needing to get away. I can honestly say the last month I have felt the need to get away, not want, need. We live in a society where everything is go, go, go. I felt and feel like I just need some time for me to slow down, reconnect, and have some time to allow my soul to refuel and have a mental break. Can you relate? I also feel like I need that Vitamin D from the sunshine we just don’t receive here in Seattle.

When I was a kid I had major test anxiety… still do. One of my teachers would ask us to close our eyes and envision our “happy place.” My “happy place” was the beach in Southern California or Tahoe. The crashing waves of the ocean, vibrant bright sun, and warm sand between my toes was my happy place. As a kid, and as an adult, I can close my eyes and hear the waves crashing onto the shore. I can smell the salt air and feel the water that splashed onto my skin from the waves. I can feel the warmth of the sand between my toes as I sit there on my towel enjoying my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, while the sun is beaming onto my face. I freaking love the sunshine and feel that my medicine right now is the beach.

As a child my mom and I would go on a day trip, extended weekend, or vacation and I feel I need that now. When I was two my mom and my uncle spent most of the time at the beach chasing after me so I didn’t drown. When we got back home I had swim lessons. From that point on I was a fish. My mom used to call me her fish. I would refuse to get out of the ocean. We’d be at the beach all day and the only time I remember getting out of the ocean was when my mom demanded it. I didn’t believe her when she said I had purple lips. I did. The pictures are proof.

The memories, the joy, the happy fuzzy feelings aren’t just me swimming at the ocean. I close my eyes and I see and smell my gu-gu. I see her happy smile with her beautiful warm loving eyes looking back at me. Her warm gentle hugs that were unconditional. The conversations with her without judgement. Just pure love. I close my eyes and see us on the pier in Oceanside, with her short hair flowing in the breeze.  I have many other fuzzy warm stories I can share, but that’s for another time.

In this moment I know I’m not able physically to go to “my happy” place, so I close my eyes and momentarily I am there. I can look at it two ways. I have a choice. I can be disappointed that right now is not the right timing or I can pull back and look at it from a different perspective. Pulling back I notice I’m aware! I’m aware and listening to my soul and I can take action to plan a trip. I’m choosing not to go down that negative rabbit hole. I’m choosing to see it from a different lens. I’m choosing to see the I have something to look forward to.

In the meantime I can enjoy other things that bring joy into my life. Now is not the right time for an extended trip, but I can do a day trip. Soon the Tulip Festival will be in full effect. On beautiful days I can take pictures. I can go on a ferry for a day trip. Get the idea? It isn’t the warm sunshine and ocean waves crashing on the shore, but it’s something that will bring me joy.
Where is your happy place?