Self Love DATE

💗Self Love DATE💗
Do you constantly do for others? Are you a mother who works full time, in or out of the home, chauffeuring kids to and from school, followed by extra curricular activities, then homework, preparing dinner, and then finishing your night with household responsibilities or work before bed? Or are you a young woman in college with her day filled with classes and working, then when you’re free you’re spending all of your free time with your boyfriend? Do you feel depleted, frustrated, angry, since you are continually doing for others? Do you sacrifice your time for self love, because you choose to put others needs, wants, or challenges before you? As women we’ve been conditioned to put others needs before our own. Have you established healthy boundaries with others in your life? Look at your calendar and schedule a self love date with yourself! What brings you joy? Yep, you! Do you love horseback riding, zip-lining, dancing, photography, paddle boarding, archery, or a road trip for a few examples. Don’t go to a coffee shop and chill, get out there and have an experience! Whatever it is enjoy it! You’ll feel rejuvenated, excited, and joyful, which others will recognize and value. Valuing yourself equals others valuing you, and you are worthy of it!💗