Self Love DATE on the calendar?

💕Self Love DATE on the calendar?💕
Have you had a self love date in the last two days? Do you have a self love date on your calendar for this week? Or are you too busy? If you have a self love date scheduled I would love to hear what you have planned. If you don’t have anything planned as of yet… Plan it!!! You can schedule 30 minutes for yourself! If that’s too much, then start with baby steps. All of us need to start somewhere, and it’s better to start then not. If you start now think of where you’ll be in a month, it becomes easier, and you will look forward to it. After you read this close your eyes and think of what you looked like when you were a child filled with excitement, joy, bewilderment, that no fear factor. That child, your inner child wants you to take time for her! As a mom I get it, you may have soccer, football, dance, friends homes, whatever it is that you are chauffeuring your kids to and from, but you’re there for your kids, right? Or maybe you take care of the household responsibilities and when your partner comes home you do what you can so they can relax. Or maybe you are just in the shit and you’re in “fight or flight mode” and you have to put on your best mom game-face. If you can support the people you love, why can’t you support yourself? Make the choice to take time for you, your inner child, and have an awesome self love date by the end of the week! Muah!!!