Question Yourself? Not Worthy? You Can't? Don't Have a Babysitter? You Need to Ask Your Partner?

What do you do when Facebook Live doesn’t’ save your video? You do your best to write about it! So, here I go…

Do you question yourself? Do you feel you are not worthy? Do you say I can’t go because I don’t have a babysitter? Do you say I can’t because I don’t have the money? Do you say I can’t because I need to ask my partner? Do you feel like it is your responsibility to care for others (partner, kids, friends, career) and put yourself last? Do you question the direction of your life?

Well I’ve been there! I was there for years, so I know you, and I know those feelings. I chose to stop living my life that way after being with a partner who did not value me and fed into my subconscious that I was not worthy of more. I felt like I did not deserve any more than what I had. I was told that what I had was ungrateful, that I wasn’t going to get anything better than what I had, that I would be alone and sad, and nobody would care.

Screw that! I wanted, I deserved, I was and I am worthy of more!!! I made the choice to show up and create the life I have now by taking action! I have taken those stepping stones and will continue to take those stepping stones to up-level myself by making the choice to show up and take action.

Today was one of those days. I was presented the opportunity to attend an event with other like-minded individuals and coaches and it was freaking amazing! I am pumped up to work with some of these extraordinary women that I have met. I may not work with them immediately, but I know in the near future I will be working with  them. It’s inspiring being around individuals that encourage you, challenge you, have a similar mindset, and choose to show up for themselves daily.

This is where I ask you, what action are you going to take to stop questioning yourself? To stop feeling you are not worthy? Do you say I can’t go because I don’t have a babysitter? Do you say I can’t because I don’t have the money? Do you say I can’t because I need to ask my partner? Because all of these are bullshit! Yep, you heard me. I call bullshit!!! I say this with love and because I have been in your shoes! I had that negative self talk. I have had that future tripping. I have had that lack of mentality and it did not serve me. I was unhappy for years and hated the person I became. I resented others and myself. I was not a good role model for my children. I listened to my partner tell me I was not worthy of ______. If you want to take classes for your education or career would you do it? Probably. So, why not invest in who you are to be the person you desire? You don’t have a babysitter? Call a friend or family member and ask them to watch your kids for you so you can attend ______ and you watch their children another day. You can’t because your partner? Then ask yourself, does my partner encourage me and support me. If the answer is no, then that’s another conversation needed! You don’t have the money? Quit going out to eat, stop getting coffee, don’t buy new materialistic things, and side hustle!

I have worked my ass off to become the person I am today. When I left my partner I was penniless. I didn’t have a home, I put myself back through school, while working full time, and spending time with my kids, all while investing in my soul! It’s stepping stones! I could have easily gone down that rabbit hole of lack, but I made the choice not to. I looked around and saw inspiration. The people I surrounded myself with chose to show up and invest in themselves and I was mindful of the benefits. Not only did I surround myself with a community or tribe of people that I desired to become, but they encouraged me to see that I was worthy of more and the gifts I had to offer to others. The people I surrounded myself with inspired me to go after my desires! I took action to invest in myself to become what I desired. My investment in myself was not just for me, it was for everyone around me, and most importantly my children. Not only am I worthy of living and extraordinary life, but so are my children. I realized if I don’t invest in myself, that if I do unconditionally for others, if I live a life that does not fulfill me or my desires I am modeling that for my children and as adults they are more likely to live what they were shown. I want the best for my children. I want my children to live a life of joy, love, peace, fulfillment, and to go after and fulfill their desires!

Today was extraordinary and yes my first thought was  financial, however I know it’s not only an investment in me as a person, but as a coach as well. I don’t want and I am not willing to be in the same place I am presently in a year from now. I ask you, if you are happy with the life you are living or if there are things you would like to change? Where were you a year ago? Are you in the same mindset or similar? I ask this because years, yes years, I told myself this year will be different and it wasn’t. As years progressed I lost more and more of myself and became someone I didn’t recognize or like!  Why not make that choice and take action to be the person you desire? Do you want to be in the same place you are in a year from now? Two years? Ten years from now? No!?! Then make the choice and take the action needed to become the person you  desire!!!

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