I’m a mamma of two extraordinary young men, an esthetician and women’s empowerment coach with an eclectic background. I love inspiring others to embrace who they are and to share their gifts with the world.

My journey has had its obstacles, and at one point in my life I felt like I lost part of myself. Everything that has taken place in my life occurred by choice, my choice, or when I was young someone else’s choices. I don’t enjoy everything that happened in my life, however I have learned so many lessons from the events in my life, which contributed in my personal evolution.

My personal evolution was kicked into high gear when I realized I lost my backbone. I always had drive and it was gone… I was so disconnected from myself that I was gone. I had to make a choice to either continue living the life I had been living in fear, or face my fear, by changing my lifestyle and becoming the woman I was meant to be. Shit got real!

I chose to face my fear, change my lifestyle, and process through my limiting beliefs by showing up in my life. I  believed in myself, took action to connect with my higher power to transform and create the life I wanted. I knew if I was not living my best life it would affect not only me, but everyone else around me. I have transformed my mindset from limiting beliefs, living in fear, not having boundaries, and codependency to living a life in which I fully accept, honor, and love myself. My lifestyle, mindset, and health has completely changed. I am truly grateful for the life I am living and for the inspiration from the people I love, my mentors and coaches. I truly feel prioritizing and nourishing yourself through self-care and soul-care allows you to be the best version of yourself for you and others. I am continually transforming along this beautiful journey and I am truly grateful!

My personal self development and spiritual journey organically led me to coaching women.

Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 is what kicked my coaching into action. During the class I realized I was already coaching my esthetic clients. That class led me to working with other coaches and with Gabby Bernstein at her Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 2 twice (2017 and 2018) along with an exclusive event with Gabby, Bestseller Day (2018), to write a book.

I love working with women guiding them to discover and honor their power within. Leading women to an empowered successful life through a respectful and loving relationship with themselves, so they live a life that flows, is why I’m here on this Earth. 

It is so exciting for me to witness and to hold space for women to consciously reconnect with their passion, ignite their purpose in life, evolve in all areas of their life through an inner awakening connecting to mind, body and soul.

By reconnecting to your higher self, who you are authentically, you live a life of joy, happiness, passion and fulfillment!