Happy New Year 2017!

How was 2016 for you? What’s your perspective of the last year of your life?

When speaking with some of my clients, and even someone near and dear to me, I was surprised or a bit taken back by what their initial perspective was of their life this past year. I’ve gotten to know my clients well and I know some of them have had hardships, however I am also aware of the triumphs, and joys that occurred in their lives. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the negative conversation we hear around us, and slowly it becomes habit, which in turn becomes apart of us.

I heard from more than a handful of people, “I can’t wait for 2016 to be over, it was the worst year!” Whoa…. Really? I didn’t even have to ask why, they told me why. Trump! Yep, you heard me, Trump. My inner thought you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. My thoughts were about so many of the beautiful events I am aware of that have taken place in my clients lives and they are saying they had the worst year because of Trump… are you freaking serious!?! I’m not saying I am happy with the election, but I am not going to allow one decision, or outcome, to impact my whole year negatively.  As my clients slowly vented I interrupted and asked about the other events that took place in their life that they told me about throughout the year. See, I think it’s easy for us to go down that rabbit hole of fear, because it’s easy, it’s comfortable, and what we know, rather than take our time to really look at our lives and what we enjoyed, achieved, loved, etc.

The following are a few of the questions I asked various clients. What about the dance solo your daughter had for the first time? What about seeing your shy son on the soccer field for the first season he’s ever played, and see him come through with confidence, excitement with his teammates, and having made friends all while learning so many skills that pertain to daily life and not just soccer? What about hearing the glorious news that your daughter is pregnant and didn’t struggle with IVF like she future tripped about? What about the wonderful trips you had the opportunity to take this year throughout the world, and the insight you’ve gained from your travels? What about the promotion you received at work and the opportunities you expressed you’re excited about?  My clients began to have a different perspective. So many things occur in one year of our life and it is easy to forget about them.

You see, I too can really take some time to think of what occurred negatively in my life this past year, however when I’ve been asked about 2016 I can honestly say GRATITUDE! I am truly grateful for this year. I think of all of the wonderful moments and opportunities I had and I am truly grateful! I am truly grateful for where I am in my life. I am also truly grateful that I made the subconscious choice to not think about the negative. It didn’t really hit me, or I wasn’t aware, that I wasn’t looking at 2016 negatively until I became aware of others looking at 2016 negatively. I know doing my mindset work daily with my morning and evening ritual keep me grounded. Since I am only focusing on the positive, not the negative, that’s what is at my forefront.
So, I ask you again how was 2016 for you? What’s your perspective of the last year of your life?