Do You Invest in Fulfilling Yourself Externally or Internally?

Why is it that we are taught from such a young age to invest in everything exterior? Have you noticed this? We are conditioned by society to follow the path of education… elementary school… middle school… high school… college… God forbid not a trade school. Then we find a great position in the industry we went to college, or trade school for. Right? At work to get our game on we strive for the next level position. More is better right? We take those workshops or classes required by our profession or to up our game at work.

Do you find yourself doing this? Do you find that you look around and think I can fulfill the same responsibilities as that person, but I need to up my game, so I’m going to take more classes to get that title? Are you happy when you do get that title, or are you still wanting more, but you don’t know what?

I’ve been there. I’ve had friends and clients who thought I just need to get that job title, position, or status and life will be great. The shocker is once they achieved what they set intentions for they were still unhappy. Why you ask? It wasn’t the job title, position, or status they wanted. They wanted fulfillment internally. Many of us look externally for fulfillment, rather than looking internally and really asking ourselves what our core desires are.

When asked who are you, what is your response? More so people respond with their job title. You are not your job! Who are you? What do you want in life? Do you want a life of always being reactive or do you want to live your highest self? What are you yearning for? How do you feel when you accomplish an intention or goal you set for yourself?

I ask you these questions to create conversation and get you thinking. So much of our value or worth is put upon our external achievements and many times we are still not satisfied, because we are not fulfilling ourselves! We invest time and money into our education for school and career, but do you invest in yourself? Do you truly take the time to look within, evaluate where you’ve been, where you are, and the direction you are headed? For the most part we are taught not to look internally and invest in ourselves. It’s kind of crazy if you think about it. Why wouldn’t we invest in ourselves? Investing in your life allows you to have freedom, abundance, a life of living intentionally with purpose. Don’t you want that? I know I do.

I am living an intentional purposeful life daily for myself! And everyone around me gets to reap the rewards of my boundless loving soul. I have always been one to shy away from the traditional or normal path. It wasn’t for me. Part of it being the strong independent… dyslexic… not liking “normal”, because really what is normal… I did my best as a teenager to stand out, and yes that was my ego taking over, and my inner badass shining its ego in glory. I have a different perspective now, but still my authentic badass self sways from the traditional confinements of society, who has conditioned us to be a specific way, rather than being who we are.

Providing self-love, soul-care, self-care by educating yourself and showing up for not only who you are, but who you want to be is investing in the most important person. YOU! I see such a disconnect with clients and I also see the connection made when they choose to take action and invest in themselves. I see joy, confidence, purpose, satisfaction, bliss, and a sense of peace within themselves. So I ask you, will you invest in yourself? Will you show up for living intentionally? Will you live your highest self? Yes? Taking action is the only way it will happen!

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