Do You Choose Happiness?

Are you chasing happiness? Do you tell yourself once you have that great career, house, car, or partner in your life you’ll be happy? Why do you choose that for yourself? Why do you feel you are NOT worthy of happiness?

Happiness doesn’t start until we choose to be happy, until we are aware that we are worthy of happiness, and you are worthy!
When we have lack in our life we need to look within, which is difficult to do, when we not only resist, but need to look at our fear, judgement, and lack of kindness.
Elevate your opinion of yourself and think of where and who you want to be, then do the work you need to do to achieve that intention. Surround yourself in an environment with like minded individuals to nurture your worth and come to peace with a lack of mindset.
Make a conscious decision to show up in the moment to choose loving thoughts, generosity, gratitude, and happiness!