Countdown of My Christmas Faves! 2017

I love this time of year! The aroma, traditions, family, and friends.

I thought I would take time to share with you daily some of my favorite things. Enjoy!

Days 24 & 25

I love the snow. I always have and always will… except in Seattle! Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy it. My inner child comes out and I enjoy the brief amount of time we have it. What I don’t like is driving in it in Seattle, since most people in Seattle are not equipped to drive in it. Makes sense. We’re a city that rains.

Last night I walked outside to pick my boys up from their dads and what do I see… SNOW!!! Not a lot, but to Seattle it would be considered a blizzard. Yes, as I say that I can’t help but laugh, because it is quite laughable.

I’m driving slowly and then someone walks out in front of me. I thought they had a dog, no it was a cane. I thought oh my God are you effing kidding me!? Like I could’ve totally hit you! Then someone riding the back of my car. Seriously I thought! And people in Seattle wonder why they’re in car accidents in the snow. The person behind me honking and flashing their lights.

Then I listened to the Christmas song that came on the radio. I was present, starter to surrender and relax. The words were talking about the snow. I embraced it. I thought I’ve always loved the snow. I couldn’t go back home and be in the snow and the snow was brought to me. I thought it will take longer to pick up my boys, but it’s ok because I get to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with both of them. And if someone wants to go faster they can drive around me.

As I pulled up to the light I felt at ease, joyful, and singing Christmas music, the man behind me pulled to my right and flipped me off. I smiled at him and let it go. He sped off and I crept forward like the tortoise. Sadly further down the street the man who flipped me off was in a car accident.

I picked my boys up and enjoyed the beautiful drive home, where we watched Christmas movies and laughed.

Then Christmas morning waking up with both of my boys and seeing them open their Christmas presents was the best gift I received.

I am truly grateful for this Christmas and the miracles that came to me!

Merry Christmas!!!

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Days 22 & 23

The other day I was talking with a client about Christmas gifts and she told me about such a cool gift that I want to share with you!

How would you feel reading a book that came from your mom, dad, grandparents, or another loved one?

My client told me about a gift that she and her cousins were giving their grandparents for Christmas. They’e creating a beautifully bound keepsake book from StoryWorth. StoryWorth sends weekly emailed story prompts and at the end of the year, they’ll get the stories bound in a beautiful hardcover book.

How cool and thoughtful is that? Think about it we only know a portion of people’s lives and many times it’s our own interpretation as a child or what was shared by those people.

Think about your own life. It’s your life and sometimes you don’t think about all of your experiences and preserving them.

What a better gift to give people you love or yourself!

Click HERE for StoryWorth.

Days 20 & 21

I love giving gifts! I’ve always enjoyed gift giving and I feel so excited when the person is opening it.

I also enjoy wrapping gifts. It’s peaceful and time where I get to just chill, while listening to Christmas music or watching Christmas movies.

When my kids were little I made sure Santa presents were always wrapped in paper that was never used twice.

My poor mom. I was the kid that could guess majority of my presents, which I’m sure took a lot of the fun out of the gift giving for my mom. So, as a mom I got pretty crafty in the ways I would wrap Christmas presents.

Since I have the house to myself I’ll be watching Elf and wrapping Christmas presents.

If you haven’t seen Elf with Will Ferrell click HERE to check it out.

Day 19

I love large totes! For years I would go back and forth, trying to force myself to like a small purse. I stopped buying small purses a long time ago.

A couple of years ago I bought this soft leather tote and I love it and use it daily. I’ve always carried a ton of things with me, so I have an organizer, otherwise I would never find anything.

I like that I can carry daily “necessities” with me and I can also toss books, journals, snacks, and whatever else in my bag. When traveling I can also toss my camera and two lenses in the tote. It’s a tight squeeze, but it fits when needed.

I am so grateful for the workmanship of this tote and how the leather has broken in so nicely. On a recent trip back East I thought for sure I would break my tote. I had my daily “necessities”, laptop, book and kindle in it.

If you sherpa it like me check out this tote and other products from KomalC.

Komalc Genuine Soft Buffalo Leather Tote Bag

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Days 17 & 18

I started doing yoga at home about 1999. It was my church, therapy, and connection to my higher self. I enjoyed yoga so much that eventually I decided I wanted to become a yoga instructor.

When my children were little sometimes they would participate in yoga with me. Sometimes they would go under me playing London Bridge, or other games, while I was in downward dog. Makes for many great memories.

About five years ago, while separated from my now ex-husband, I was taking a yoga class, with the intention of enrolling in a class following that for teacher training. With the start of my divorce I sadly did not start yoga teacher training.

I practiced yoga at home in the morning after meditation, then at night yoga following with meditation. It grounded me. It kept me as aligned as I possibly could be, especially working six sometimes seven days a week.

Eventually I started back to school, I was working, doing my best to balance what I could as a mom, a person, but something had to go. What had to go was yoga and meditation, until I had a wake up call from my son and realized I needed to hit the mat. For a short time I had stopped all of my soul-care and I didn’t notice, but my son did. I have meditated daily since that night. However, my yoga practice has not been consistent.

This past August/September I was finally getting back into a daily yoga practice, them BAM! I sprained my ankle.

It finally started to feel better before I attended Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 2, with Gabrielle Bernstein at the end of October. To our surprise Lululemon gifted us (students in SJMC 2) yoga mats!

Since I was flying home my friend shipped the mat back for me. (Thank you Mamma, I love you!) I came home one evening and there it was. I was so excited, but exhausted after a long day so I didn’t practice.

The next night I slipped on a wet floor and sprained my ankle again. When I saw my yoga mat I thought are you effing kidding me. What’s the lesson? What am I supposed to learn in this? The lesson is patience. The lesson is to love and care for myself. The lesson is to nurture my soul, mind, and body! There are many lessons in this.

I share this with you, because I am grateful that soon I will be on the mat. I will be enjoying my lovely gift not only from Lululemon, but the gift of love to myself. Nurturing my soul, body, and mind.

Click HERE for Lululemon

Days 16

Most people I know are aware that I love coffee! I love the taste, the aroma, everything about it. I have enjoyed the aroma as far back as I can remember. My grandma Aida always had coffee brewed.

This week one of my clients brought me a bag of Christmas Roast from Ryan Bros. Coffee in San Diego. The Christmas Roast is one of her favorites and I can see why. As I drink each cup I savor every little drop, knowing it was bought out of love for me. This is definitely one of my Christmas faves!

I looked on Ryan Bros. Coffee’s website and read, “A 20 year tradition that keeps people smiling! A chocolate-baked bean with an aroma and flavor that will keep you brewing! ” I can see why it’s a 20 year tradition.

If you happen to be in San Diego (or other locations) be sure to stop in and buy a bag , or two, of their Christmas Roast!

I am truly blessed to have the most amazing, generous, loving thoughtful clients in my life!

Click HERE Ryan Bros. Coffee.

Days 14 & 15

This time of the year I love the smell of cinnamon, spices, pine, fir…

Going to a Christmas tree lot I stand there with my eyes closed and inhale all of that pine goodness. The aroma hits my olfactory and I’m right back in Tahoe. Ahhh, the glorious aroma of the Sierra Nevada’s!

Lately I’ve been diffusing Siberian Fir like you wouldn’t believe. It’s my go to daily.

The refreshing, woody aroma is great, but Siberian Fir is known for its calming and relaxing properties. Using it I feel refreshed, balanced and grounded.

I also like combining a few drops of Siberian Fir and lavender together in the diffuser. So refreshing and soothing!

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Day 13

I am a total sucker for Christmas movies! I love them. The joy they bring, the memories, and the time with my kiddos.

When I was little I looked forward to all of the animated classics on t.v.  As a parent I enjoyed reliving my childhood and seeing the joy my boys were experiencing.

As I grew my choices in movies changed to Miracle on 34th StNational Lampoon’s Christmas VacationA Christmas Story, Scrooged…

As a kid and teen I would be so excited for Christmas and I couldn’t sleep, so my mom would rent a ton of movies for me. My Christmas Eve was usually spent watching movies till the wee hours of Christmas morning. Honestly the first time I was able to fall asleep Christmas Eve I was pregnant with my first son (1997).

As a parent I enjoyed watching classics and new movies. Once The Polar Express came out it was tradition to watch it on Christmas Eve. Sadly we no longer watch The Polar Express Christmas Eve, but we picked up a movie my mom and I used to watch together. Scrooged with Bill Murray.

I do my best not to burn out my kids, but yes I do love a great holiday movie. Tonight it’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. This weekend maybe Elf  or The Grinch.

Schedule time to watch a movie, relax, laugh and create great memories!

Day 12

Anyone here a kombucha fan?

Kombucha is my treat! I’m not a soda drinker and haven’t been for years.

Kombucha is a fermented tea (white, green, oolong, black) with cane sugar to produce a slightly acidic-tasting, carbonated tea beverage.

I like that Brew Dr. doesn’t do any altering after the fermentation, so it is truly 100% raw. I love the taste of their kombucha compared to other brands and it’s, because they use of high-quality organic teas, herbs, and dried fruits that are steeped together. I also like that I can enjoy a whole bottle, without the scoby at the bottom!

Bonus! Brew Dr. Kombucha hosts billions of probiotics in every bottle (beneficial bacteria and yeasts and organic acids). Click here for more information.

My go to flavors are Superberry, Love, or Vanilla Oak.

Click here for more information and to find a location near you!


Days 10 & 11

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is YOU TIME!

So many of us are brought up and conditioned to feel guilty if we take time for ourselves.

I’m here to say do not feel guilty! Take the time you need, the time you are worthy of and deserve to care for yourself.

In general, but especially this time of year, we give and give until we have nothing left to give and we are burned out.

Caring for yourself is one of the most selfless acts. By doing for yourself and replenishing your cup you are able to be your best self. It’s like being on a plane. If you have a baby or a child with you, and God forbid something happens, you are going to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, so you can help the baby or child. If you don’t put the mask on first you will not be of any use to anyone, including yourself.

I take care of myself daily through my daily rituals, but I’m taking these two days to care for myself and what I need for me. These past few years I’ve learned what if feels like to be in alignment and out of alignment. I know if I keep going I will be out of alignment. I know by taking the next two days to care for myself and my soul I will be in alignment.

I encourage you to take time out for yourself consistently. Invest in time for you daily and weekly. You will definitely notice a difference in your mindset and how you feel.

Day 9

Do you ever have strained or sore muscles, achy joints?

I think we all do. From the kinked neck… sore muscles after a workout or playing sports… working in the garden… technology (computer/phone)…

I use Deep Blue from dōTERRA to help soothe my discomfort from the cooling and warming effects of essential oils, with my skin feeling soft and not greasy. Not only will the tingling sensation of the lotion awaken your senses and rejuvenate your extremities, but the combination of CPTG essential oils will soothe any affected areas.

Keep this in your first aid kit or gym bag for use when needed.

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Day 8

Seeing people’s homes decorated with Christmas lights brings me such joy. My inner child comes out and I sequel in delight!

When I was little I wanted our home decorated with Christmas lights. Initially we didn’t have the money to decorate the exterior of our home with lights. Then there were other reasons.

One of the traditions my mom and I used to do was drive to the out of town, where one of the farmers and his wife would decorate their home and land with such beautiful displays of lights and music playing. It was such an extraordinary and exciting time driving in the dark to seeing the beautiful display of lights in the distance. Each year something was different. I remember sitting in the seat so excited to go through the horseshoe driveway getting to see the displays close up.

When my kids were little we would drive around and see the lights, but nothing like what I remembered as a child. Then five years ago my friends brought me to Candy Cane Lane in Seattle. I didn’t know about it, but I have learned since then that Candy Cane Lane is the place to go with kiddo’s at Christmas time. The entire lane gets involved and family’s are out and enjoying the displays and themes.  It is definitely magical for kids and those adults fulfilling their inner child’s desires.

Do you have fun memories as a child seeing beautiful displays of lights? If you have kiddo’s have you continued that tradition or is it something you’ve started?

Day 7

When I was three my mom started collecting an ornament that represented something from that year. Our first ornament was one that I made of a ceramic elf sitting in a wreath doused in glitter. Since then the ornaments have changed dramatically.

Every time I take an ornament out of the packaging I go back to that time we made it when I was little, or when we bought it and the meaning behind each one. I see the jack in the box and remember living in the ocean as a kid in Southern California… cuckoo clock vacation with my mom in Leavenworth… glass icicle and the enormous icicle outside our window in Tahoe. You get the idea.

I continued this tradition with my boys and I am truly grateful for that. My boys and I have our own container of Christmas ornaments we have collected through the years. Seeing my kids faces in delight as they pull their ornaments out of the boxes with excitement is priceless.

My mom created this tradition for she and I, and I have continued this with my kids. I am so grateful for these beautiful memories and that is due to my mom.

The picture of the Nutcracker was the year my mom joined us at the Nutcracker in Seattle. Such a beautiful time of my family enjoying a lovely evening.


Day 6

How many of you have a difficult time relaxing or sleeping? How many of you have little ones that are wound up at night and have a difficult time relaxing or sleeping?

Have I the oils for you! I have used essential oils for over two decades. I love that they smell lovely, they’re natural, and can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used as single essential oils or in complex essential oil blends depending on user experience and desired benefit. I prefer using dōTERRA, which is why I became a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate.

In the evening I diffuse either Lavender or Serenity Restful Blend from.

Lavender has been known for its calming and relaxing qualities. If I want to feel at ease and release my feelings of tension Lavender is definitely a go to. When my kids were babies I would spray their bed with Lavender water beforehand to create a relaxing environment for them.

I discovered Serenity Restful Blend a few years ago and love the way it smells. This blend does contain Lavender, but it contains other calming oils as well. Two of the oils in this blend are Ylang Ylang and vanilla, which I’ve been drawn for about 24 years. I’ve also discovered I enjoy Hawaiian Sandalwood, which is in this blend. This blend is known for calming the mind, soothing the senses, and promoting relaxation for a restful nights sleep. I’ve noticed if I need to chill out, not be as tense and want to feel at ease this is a go to for me. Serenity Restful Blend is one of my youngest sons favorite oils to use at night. I usually add a drop of the Serenity Restful Blend to my temples or the back of my neck. I have friends, or their kids, who enjoy putting the oil on their feet before bed.

I add a few drops of the essential oil or blend to water in the dōTERRA Petal Diffuser, that delivers health-promoting benefits to my family and home. It has a relaxing mist and soft white ambient light. I don’t use the light, but for those of you with kiddo’s that use a nightlight this is perfect.

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Day 5

One of my all time favorite books is May Cause Miracles by New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein.

Every time I work through the book I peel back more layers, dive deeper into my subconscious, feel connected even more to my higher self and live authentically in alignment.

May Cause Miracles has a weekly focus and daily (morning and evening) exercises for 40 days. You will create miraculous change in your life by working through the exercises.

This book has inspired me so much that I have decided to hold a May Cause Miracles Workshop. I am certified and trained by Gabby Bernstein to teach the principles of May Cause Miracles and I am a graduate of the level 1 and 2 Spirit Junkie Masterclass.  

Click below to order the book or secure your spot in the workshop I’m hosting in January.

*Gabrielle Bernstein will not be participating in the May Cause Miracles Workshop with Stephanie Rochelle.

May Cause Miracles

Learn More

May Cause Miracles Workshop


Day 4

I have used journals for years. As a kid I had a diary. You know the diaries with a lock so nobody could read your most precious thoughts? Yep, that was me.

As I grew I would get excited to choose a new journal and I still do! I pick out what is appealing to me or inspiring at the time. It may be an empty Moleskin journal, one with words of inspiration, or a beautiful image.

The most recent journal I purchased was when I was at Kripalu. It was the last day of training with Gabby Bernstein and I was waiting for my friend to pick me up. Now when I see the journal I think of Gabby and the peace I felt with my fellow Spirit Junkies.

I use my journal daily. I free flow at times. Daily I write three things I’m grateful for. I write inspiring quotes or affirmations. Writing is a release for me.

Below are a few of the different types of journals I enjoy.

Butterfly Hardcover Journal

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Moleskine Hard Cover Notebook

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The Spirit of Flight Journal

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Day 3

Kindle Fire or E-Reader?

I use my Kindle Fire everyday!

Initially I bought my Kindle for a course I was taking, so I wouldn’t have to take my laptop with me on a trip.

Now I use it for audio books, books, YouTube videos, checking email and social media. I primarily use it for audio books and books though.

When I went back East recently for a class with Gabby Bernstein I brought my Kindle and didn’t need anything else for the plane. I was able to download everything I wanted in one little device. So handy!

You may be someone who loves books and won’t use a Kindle. I get it. There are certain authors that I will never buy on Kindle, but they’re great for traveling and for gifts.

I have the Kindle Fire 7 Tablet, however you may enjoy one of the other tables.

Click on the links below for more details…

All-New Fire 7 Tablet

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All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet

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Kindle E-reader – Black, 6″ Glare-Free

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Day 2

Hydro Flask & Klean Kanteen Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel

I use my Hydroflask and Klean Kanteen daily!

Yes, I am that person that has one for water, another for coffee and another for tea. I love that they are stainless steel and they are double-wall vacuum insulated, so liquids remain hot or ice cold throughout the day!    

I started using Hydro Flasks and Klean Kanteens to save money instead of purchasing bottled water, do what I can to make an impact on the environment in a positive way, and because I’m conscious about my health.

They have fun colors and various sizes!

Click on the links below for more details…

Hydro Flask

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Klean Kanteen

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Day 1

How Do You Start Your Day?

I enjoy starting my day with water to replenish after sleeping. I add a drop of one of the following essential oils to my water: lemon, grapefruit, or wild orange. I find the oils are not only refreshing in the early morning, but they’re also uplifting and energize my mind and body!

I also enjoy diffusing lemon, grapefruit, and wild orange individually or together, when I’m feeling a bit sluggish and need a burst of energy.

Click on the essential oils listed above to take to to the web page they are linked to, or click here to my dōTERRA Shop.