Here’s a little LOVE from some of my clients!

Stephanie is a phenomenal coach who has supported me to reconnect with the importance of self-love, staying present and grounded to nurture my connection with my intuition to be able to up-level in my life and business beyond my imagination.   
Working with Stephanie has supported me through a process of transitioning from my Corporate 9-5 job, into creating the business of my dreams and supporting and guiding my own clients on a daily basis with ease and flow. My life is unrecognisable from this time last year!  
Stephanie has taught me daily tools that are now part of my routine to support me in maintaining my mind-set to keep growing and manifesting my desires.  She is an incredible mentor and I look forward to continued collaboration with her in the future.
Eve Brennan, UK


I have had the pleasure of working on a one to one basis, with Stephanie. Each week I looked forward to our weekly calls and I’m truly grateful for the support- so many shifts energetically have accrued. 
Something inside kept telling me – make the change you are worthy. Self investment is the key for changing your life. Now I truly believe I am worthy and I am loved – I am love. Everything begins from within. Transformation has been challenging however I have the tools to move through this and truly see my light from within. Relationships have healed. Having Stephanie there to keep me accountable is key and her teaching style is magical. I love her caring, beautiful approach and her unique teaching. I am really grateful for our one to one sessions together and look forward to working with Stephanie again in the future.
Thank you! Love, Light and Gratitude.

Shelley Smith, UK


I have had the honor of seeing Stephanie, and feel very blessed to have her in my life. She has been encouraging and has helped me to not focus on the negative things in my life, but instead to invest in the healthy and positive parts of it. She has been a wonderful copilot to have on my journey.

Emily, USA


Before I meet with Stephanie I feel like my mind is cluttered and racing in a million different directions. Every time I finish speaking with Stephanie I feel like I have clarity. I have a plan. I have a way forward. She really helps me think about what is important and to crystallize those thoughts into action. It could be something small like a parenting tip or a way to make myself feel better, or to remind me to take care of myself. Whatever it is, I always end our conversations feeling centered. Stephanie is an amazing person and resource!

Maureen, USA


Stephanie has been wonderfully supportive, and very helpful in my life. I find her advice both creative, but also simple and practical. She is a wonderful listener and is a great comfort and encourager. Rare gem indeed!

Michelle, USA


Stephanie, I think you are a beautiful person inside and out! I loved working with you, because you are passionate about wanting to help people and have the skills and tools that YOU need to do this. You have a compassion and professionalism that makes you wonderful to work with.

Brenna, USA